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To date, in the domestic market for window replacement, there are many models for the manufacture of which window companies near me use a variety of components. Such windows help solve many different tasks and must be used for their functional purpose. How technically will be equipped with windows depends on their appearance, durability, ease of use, and the technical ability of such a metal-plastic construction not to release heat, provide soundproofing and reflect the sun's thermal energy. This information material will present basic information about all existing components. This will help you avoid making mistakes when choosing plastic windows from the PVC profile.

Advantages of plastic windows

One of the main advantages of such windows, which are produced nowadays, is the fact that absolutely any customer has the opportunity to choose the product according to their wishes. Thus, the buyer spends his money economically and successfully solves the problems to create optimal conditions in the room. It is worth noting that PVC profiles have the same advantages for all types of products:

  • Durability.
  • If you properly care for plastic, it will last a long time, at least 50 years. It is only necessary to periodically service the windows and not to use strong and caustic agents during their cleaning. Air-tightness.
  • If the windows are correctly installed, the room can achieve the absolute airtightness of the structure. They do not allow air and water to get inside. Functionality.
  • Everyone can efficiently operate such windows. Mechanisms used in the installation of window construction are fail-safe, as they do not fail. Sound and thermal insulation.
  • It is worth noting that models that are not expensive can not retain heat in the room for a long time and prevent the penetration of noise from the street. The higher the class of products, the correspondingly improved these properties.
  • Plastic windows are not subject to fire, do not change color under the influence of sunlight, and are easy to clean since this material cannot absorb dirt—preservation of forms.

Polyvinyl chloride in the construction allows you to create reasonably strong connection joints. As a result, it is not subject to swelling when exposed to moisture, does not melt from exposure to sunlight, and does not crack from exposure to low temperatures.

Technical characteristics of plastic windows

  1. Energy efficiency.
  2. This parameter can be determined based on the value of the heat transfer resistance coefficient. It allows you to see the amount of energy released at different temperatures indoors and outdoors. Windows will be warmer if this coefficient has a high value. The minimum value is 0.35 sq. C/W and the maximum are 0.8 m sq. C/W.Tightness.
  3. This parameter characterizes the water- and air permeability. If we talk about water permeability, the current standards determine at what value of the pressure difference water will not get inside. The optimal pressure value is 600 Pa. And in general, there is a range from 150 to 600 Pa. As for air permeability, it is in the field of 3 to 50 cm. In this case, the most optimal is its minimum value.
  4. Permeability. This indicator is measured with that meter, showing the percentage value of waves belonging to the visible spectrum and passing through the windows.
  5. Noise Absorption Rate. This parameter clearly shows how much the windows can minimize street noise. The smallest value of the noise level is 25-27 dB, but the most optimal in practice is considered a value of 34 dB.
  6. Resistance to wind loads. This indicator allows the buyer in the selection process to understand the pressure that falls on a unit area of window construction. Following the state expected value of this parameter should be in the range from 200 to 1000 Pa and even more.
  • How to choose the right windows for yourself?
  • It is worth understanding that such windows are quite a complex prefabricated structure. All of its characteristics are dependent on some factors.
  • Double-glazed windows.
  • This element depends on a certain number of characteristics of the windows. They include noise insulation, energy efficiency, appearance, and reliability against burglary of the structure. Automatics.
  • It is worth noting that window opening systems equipped with an automatic mechanism provide easy operation. They help people with disabilities to use the system. In addition, window automation is a must on sites with high openings and increased exposure to snow and wind loads. Fittings.

In principle, all manufactured plastic windows' quality depends on the fittings' quality. However, since today there is a wide range of mechanisms, you can choose for yourself the systems that meet the specific conditions of use.

These are the technical and functional characteristics you must carefully consider when choosing plastic windows to purchase the most reliable and high-quality construction.

Production and sale of plastic windows: a business model

We can say that among most developed industrial countries, Russia is no exception, and PVC windows have the leading share of the market of translucent structures (TCS) - more than 80%. In our article, we will tell how the Russian window market was formed, which stages it has passed through in its development, what it is today, which trends can be seen and what prospects it has. Our industry has formed its terminology, and to not confuse the reader, we understand the exact words the same. So let's agree on terms and make the necessary definitions.

Basic Materials. The key figure in the window business is a window company or recycler - usually a legal (less often an individual) or sole proprietorship, producing for the market-ready "to use" product - window and door units. To make these products, the processor needs to purchase a specific range of materials, which primarily include:

  • window and door profiles: PVC moldings from which the geometric contour of the window and door unit is made
  • Window and door hardware: handles, hinges, locking mechanisms, in a word: everything that makes the opening and closing parts of the window move.
  • Translucent filling or double-glazed unit: this is a transparent part of a window. In common parlance, "glazing unit" is often used as a synonym for "window"; thus, such nonsense words like "plastic" or "wooden double-glazed window" appear in the lexicon.
  • related materials - steel reinforcing inserts for PVC profiles, protecting them from deformation, materials for installation
  • It is necessary to note the equipment for production, software, etc.

Most often (in the classic version), the window company buys all the necessary components from various suppliers and assembles them in-house in the window and door units. However, there are also variations. For example, some window companies buy only sheet glass, and glazing produces their own for sale on the open market. Much rarer are the cases when a window company makes PVC profile by itself. Still, it is sporadic because of the need for significant investments for extrusion and the complexity of the process itself. Window companies do not produce fittings because fittings production requires even more money and competence than extrusion.

Post-production. Today, plastic window is produced by window companies with high-capacity automated equipment. Although this product was relatively new and unknown to the Russian construction market, the industry quickly formed a generation of engineers who have successfully mastered the latest technology. As a result, almost every window company can increase production volumes if necessary. However, a much more difficult task than production in the required books is the implementation of effective sales of finished windows, including their installation. In the Russian window industry, these sales take place through the following channels:

  • Own retail window companies. This sales channel is the most expensive, but it allows window companies to conduct an effective assortment policy, develop their brands and efficiently manage digital processes.
  • Dealers. More than 70% of all the window units manufactured in Russia are sold through dealers. A dealer is an independent player who buys windows from the manufacturer at a dealer discount and sells them to the end consumer.
  • Corporate sales. Plastic windows have become a part not only of renovation (the replacement of old windows with new ones) but also a significant segment of new construction, forming the so-called "object market. Often, the sale of windows to "objects" is through dealers, but some companies have their corporate departments to work with developers.

These channels do not always have delineated boundaries. For example, some construction companies have window divisions in their structure and do not offer window units on the open market. Moreover, there are cases where construction holdings include not only windows but also profile extrusion units, but this is instead an exception that confirms the rule.

Plastic windows are steadily displacing wooden structures from the domestic market. And while the number of connoisseurs of natural materials is gradually increasing in Europe, in Russia, this fashion trend has not yet been traced in sales. Only rich people can afford window systems with traditional carved architraves. The popularity of products made of PVC is due to longevity, affordability, and good heat and noise insulation properties. In addition, plastic does not require any special care. Today the Russian market offers an abundance of PVC window systems. But if before it was mostly the products of foreign brands, today the share of domestic producers has increased significantly. In this case, the choice of windows for consumers has also become more complex. In this matter, without the advice of experts can not do.

How to choose plastic windows

  1. One of the key points when selecting plastic windows is the profile type. There are deaf systems, tilt-and-turn constructions, and tilt-and-turn variants. The windows with tilt-and-turn mechanisms look more advantageous but are more expensive. Consumers often order combined window blocks, where one sash opens and the second has a blank design. This is explained by a reasonable desire to save money. In addition, fixed belts have better heat and sound insulation qualities.
  2. PVC windows' heat and noise insulation properties depend on the number of chambers. The more built into the profile, the better the insulating qualities. But the price becomes higher. For the average strip, 2-3 chamber structures are enough. The unheated loggia can be limited to one chamber. But residents of northern regions have to order window units with 4-6 sections.
  3. The glass has undergone severe modernization. Low-emission products, which are saturated with silver atoms, are gaining popularity. They differ in high light transmission capacity and excellent thermal insulation properties. The flame of a match in such glass has a purple tint.
  4. Do not skimp on such an element of the plastic window as fittings. It is, in fact, an expendable material. This applies primarily to tilt-and-turn constructions. Quality handles, curtains, and locks will serve more than ten years.
  5. Today, white window units no longer appeal to a glamorous society. Some manufacturers, going towards them, produce painted profiles. In the rich range of colors, you can even find models that look like wood. In this sense, the buyer will have to choose their window to suit the exterior or interior design of the house.
  6. At the same time, the choice of window units for apartments and houses should take care of their installation. Often manufacturers only provide a warranty on their windows if official representatives perform the building. It is also essential to read the warranty conditions, where there may be hidden pitfalls. At the same time, it is worth enquiring about the finish of the slopes, and perhaps if you buy and install a few windows, the firm will make a nice discount.

Window companies near me

To date, in the domestic market for window replacement , there are many models for the manufacture of which window companies near me use a ...